Flender Gear Units & Couplings

Flender Gear Units & Couplings

With our Flender product range, we can assist you with all your needs on your Helical Geared units to your couplings. We offer a wide range of units on our Geared drives that consist of:

  • Geared unit with auxiliary drive for bucket elevators
  • Conveyor belt geared units and conveyor belt drives
  • Cooling tower geared units
  • Extruder geared units
  • Paper Machine drives
  • Aerator gear units
  • Agitator geared units
  • Hoisting geared units
  • Crusher geared units

We also offer a wide range of Flender couplings that comprises of:

  • Flexible pin couplings
  • Flexible jaw couplings
  • Flexible pin and bush couplings
  • Flexible ring couplings
  • Rubber tyre couplings
  • Rubber disk couplings
  • Fluid couplings
  • All steel couplings
  • Gear couplings

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