Expert Conveyors & Geared Solutions

Expert Conveyors & Geared Solutions

Welcome to Expert Conveyors & Geared Solutions, a department to assist you with all your needs.

At Expert Power Transmission and Conveyor Solutions we strive to be the best in supplying you with the highest quality of products and best levels of service. We are committed to making your life easier on a day to day basis, if it be conducting inspections and cost saving initiatives, assisting you with breakdowns or aiding you with products and technical assistance.

With years of knowledge in Power transmissions, Conveyor belting and services and product knowledge that extends over all components in the product range, we are always more than willing and eager to assist you with your needs. We offer all components when it comes to Power transmissions, from Geared motors, electric motors, gearboxes, VSD’s, couplings, bearings and much more. We are a committed team of sales and technical professionals that are willing to bend over backwards to assist you in all of your needs.

We have dedicated service teams that are available on a 24/7 basis that are eager to aid you in your toughest times with a smile. Committed to the highest quality of work and always ensuring safety is our main concern, we will always be ready and committed to provide the best quality work in the best possible time.

Should you have any questions or problems, please give us a call to assist you in any of your needs.


Expert Conveyors & Geared Solutions Products:

WEG Motors

Our range of WEG products on offering allows us to assist you with all your operational needs required. From supplying and design to motor analysis…

Siemens Electric Motors

At Expert Mining Group, with our partnership with Siemens, we offer the supply and repair of any Siemens Electric and Geared motors…

Siemens Geared Motors

At Expert Mining Group, with our partnership with Siemens, we offer the supply and repair of any Siemens Electric and Geared motors. The…

Flender Gear Units & Couplings

With our Flender product range, we can assist you with all your needs on your Helical Geared units to your couplings.We offer a wide range of units…

Conti-Meco Rollers & Idler Frames

With our in-house idler and frame manufacturing plant We are able to assist you with the manufacturing and supply of any steel idlers that…

Belt Splicing Consumables

At Expert mining solutions, we offer a complete package when it comes to your conveyor belt splicing and repair needs. Expert power transmission…

Conveyor Repair Products

Our range comprises of products that can drastically reduce your downtime and breakdowns. Easy to use products allows you to…


With our conveyor belt splicing teams, we at Expert Mining Solutions can also assist with all you need when it comes to your pulleys We offer…


We can offer you the design and manufacture of Rigid couplings and HRC couplings. We can also assist you in Taper-Lock sprockets, Pilot bored…


We at Expert Mining Group are able to assist you with all your needs when it comes to the supply of your bearings. We offer the following range…

Conveyor & Plant Cleaning Equipment

We offer cleaning equipment that include a battery and remote control operated mini dozer that will allow you to clean operating plant from…

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