Surface Communications

Surface Communications

Mining operations occur over broad geographic areas, so efficient data communications provide the coordination across activity centers that distinguish consistently profitable and growing businesses. Companies with reliable and cost effective communications that synchronize field operations, central management, security, and transportation have the sustainable advantage of agility – consistent ability to adjust to changing demand and circumstances.

Data network operators supporting Mining operations must meet demands for increasing bandwidth and secure, reliable communications in harsh environments with wireless networks to achieve their operational objectives.

Connect all work centers in the operation with a single IP-based wireless solution. Prioritize traffic to align with business goals while providing connectivity at each location to support streaming video, data transfer, and voice applications.

  • Mine sites – With full visibility of the site, establish process control and telemetry by backhauling information from Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) sensor and control equipment. Oversee operations carried out by nomadic machinery and support large mining vessel telemetry.
  • Remote site office – Connect remote offices to enable video conferencing, data transfer, and voice connectivity.
  • Field operations office – View the network and operations across the entire system with high-speed connectivity that can be deployed rapidly and relocated as needed.
  • Utilities and supply depots – View and manage access with SCADA sensors and controls and 24/7 video surveillance of assets and activities.
  • Crew Quarters – Provide secure, high-speed connectivity for streaming video, skype access, face time calls, and data transfer for residents, and video surveillance to enhance safety.
  • Transportation control offices – Manage time and movement of assets with rapid scheduling and complete coordination of resources with shipping partners, and promote safety of people and products with video surveillance.

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