Expert Fire Suppression (Official Distributor) Expert Fire Solutions is at the forefront of providing world-leading fire suppression technologies. We conduct multidisciplinary research and technological innovation…
Flame Proof Equipment & Custom FPE Fire Suppression System Includes the Following: Sprinkler Systems Deluge System Pre-Engineering System FM Gas Suppressions Inergen gas Suppression HFC227…
GECS (Governor Electronic Control System) Detect and send signal of proximity of person and / or machine ; and send to Machine Interface for Action and…
Siemens Power Transmission Drive systems from Expert ensure maximum productivity, energy efficiency and reliability in any automation environment. Each industry has it's own conditions. Every application has…
ExDetect AI PDS System Dynamic Zoning The detection zone is automatically increased when the vehicle is travelling at higher speed compared to travelling at low…
Audits and Repairs Inspection criteria of the following to be done during flameproof audits: Flameproof joints to be inspected for match and gaps and to…
UG PDI System EXPERT Proximity Detection Interface System as per level 9 EMERST The EX PDI is a flameproof system that is certified by MASC.…
Fatigue System The ExFatigue Systems is an advanced fatigue and distracted driving management system. Designed for industrial applications to improve safety.Benefits include: Increases operator productivity…
The Monsternator MONSTER POWER!  The real 750 W FLP approved Alternator Proven in Coal Mines across South Africa Enough Power to drive PDS , Lights…


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