Audits and Repairs

  • Inspection criteria of the following to be done during flameproof audits:
    • Flameproof joints to be inspected for match and gaps and to be verified with a MASC feeler gauge as
    • per SANS standards.
    • Fastener entries and threaded inspected with Go/ No-Go gauges as per standard.
    • Fasteners/ Cap screw inspected for thread engagements and yield strengths as per certification.
    • Certification marking to be verified to legibility and tractability.
    • Detailed inspection on flameproof glands, lock nuts and adaptors.
    • Machined surfaces to be inspected for finish as well as flatness.
    • Panels inspected for repair welding deformation, hinge positions and cracks.
    • Internal population to be verified with certification documentation.
    • Enclosure earthing and mounting to be verified according to standard.


    On-Site Flameproof Repairs


    • Flame paths skimmed/ reworked after repairs and/ or after inspection.
    • Damage/ non-conforming Fastener entries repaired back to standard with approved EMS inserts.
    • Inspected fastener entries to be cleaned and re-inspected prior to new cap screw insertion.
    • Cap screw to be replace to standard requirements.
    • Non-comforting gland serviced/ replaced.
    • Any major repair work to be inspected by EMS Technician.
    • Final inspection and repairs are facilities with a MASC repair report and MASC I.A. certificate.
    • Repair work will be marked by EMS Label and accompanied with a MASC I.A. certificate.

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